Event Emergency Planning

Over the years TAO has been at the forefront of event emergency & contingency planning. Providing safety advisory group liaison, detailed contingency plans and the development of strategies to mitigate against the effects of emergency situations at large scale public events. TAO Productions, Andy Cotton regularly lecture's at the UK Cabinet Office's Emergency Planning College on Safety at Festivals and Massed Gatherings in the UK, Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland.

TAO Productions prepare plans for all their events to manage any major incident, these plans cover but are not limited to emergency response, escape routes, places of safety, crowd management, medical triage, CAD plans and multi agency response.

Event Contingency Planning

Over two decades of event management has seen TAO Productions personnel deal with numerous incidents where contingency plans have come to the forefront of operations; a major wasp swarm invading a outdoor festival in Worcester; toilets overflowing following the sampling of gallons of soft drinks by a sponsor; a major fire at a concert at an airfield to delayed air flight for a major guest speaker at a conference, on all occasions TAO's plans and personnel recovered the situation back to normal operations.

TAO as a matter of course prepares contingency plans for all events that we are involved with to cover all expected incidents; our clients also have the peace of mind with fully qualified and experienced TAO staff on site to reactive in a positive way to incidents big or small; TAO also take an extremely proactive approach to its management of events to avoid where possible all problems.

Event Business Continuity Planning

TAO Productions takes the planning of events to a new level and since 1988, when planning for emergencies TAO appreciates the requirement to work with our clients to prepare plans to recover or restore critical functions within a predetermined time frame following a disaster, business interruption or even major emergencies.

TAO appreciates that however good the planning for an event is emergencies can happen and continuity plans should be in place to deal with the aftermath of a major incident which includes media management, humanitarian response, telecommunications and communications management, information management, control centre operations, multi-agency response, disaster recovery and crisis decision management taking into account The Civil Contingencies Act 2004 and British Standards BS25999-1.

TAO Productions plans to safeguard our client's business reputation and commercial requirements following a major incident working with them to make sure that there is a defined response following an emergency.