Site Management & Co-Ordination

TAO Productions' site managers have all the disciplines of high quality project managers, planning, organising, budgeting and the managing of the site resources to bring about the successful completion of the event or project, removal of all site infrastructure and waste.

TAO has enormous advantages when contracted as site management as our twenty years experience as event managers allows us to understand the operational reasons for site design and co-ordination including pedestrian and traffic management together with emergency planning.

TAO Productions has over two decades site managed and built sites in numerous complex environments from Reality TV Farms (Harvest at Jimmys' 2009); Inner City Parkland (Lambeth Country Show 2008-9); European Race Tracks (Lenny Kravitz in Costa Mijas, Spain 2007); Football Stadiums (JLS at Carrow Road 2010) ; Historic Castles (Cliff Richard at Harewood House 2013); to Indoor Arenas (MK Arena Christmas Parties 2008), Historic Sites (Priory Ruins, Mumford and Sons and Fulham Palace, Bank of New York Party 2013) and Hotels (TPI Awards 2004 at Novotel London); we are a company that prides ourselves that we consider the needs of our clients requirements whether that be brand exposure; profit margins or customer experience as well as the crowd dynamics of site design and the safety needs.

As well as designing a site, TAO will procure and manage all site infrastructure from toilets to power, site corporate branding to public and safety directional signage; site tannoy systems to environmentally friendly waste removal; plant hire and crews to marquees; TAO has considerable buying power with some of the world's leading suppliers and passes all savings on to our clients.

Our team of in-house CAD (Computer Aided Design) designers produce 3D visuals for corporate events to assist clients to visualise the site and 2D site plans that are gridded to allow them to be used for planning, operational and emergency needs; TAO uses the latest CAD programmes so that all our plans are compatible with multiple systems that are used by suppliers, emergency services and local authorities.

TAO's site co-ordinators will also manage concessions, caterers and bars considering queuing, resupply, waste removal and crowd dynamics.

TAO will produce site schedules for the build, event and dismantling of a site whether indoor or outdoor, these schedules are disseminated to all interested parties for the smooth running of the site and event but most importantly these schedules are designed for multi suppliers to work safely with each other.

For further information on TAO Productions site management services contact us: