In an industry where more and more companies offer a one-stop solution using all of their own resources, TAO Productions recognises our clients need for a single port of call solution to all the factors involved with putting on a show: e.g. Staging, Lighting, Sound, Power for stage and site, Video, Creative Site Art & Performance, Artists etc. However, TAO remains capable of sourcing the highest quality, up to date equipment possible, at that moment in time, by tendering for sub-contractors on an annual basis. TAO Productions will specify, procure and manage all your production requirements with budget in mind and quality of equipment and service.

Another major benefit of the TAO production management system is when you order a sound system via TAO you get a sound system from a sound supplier and not a lighting company that have some speakers!

TAO's management of production is always transparent. We will produce an equipment/service confirmation which both the client and supplier receive; this confirmation clearly states the negotiated fee and any associated terms. Contracts are then exchanged between the supplier and the client so that all business dealings are undertaken with total transparency.

As well as providing the full event management or production management service, TAO can supply individual elements for your event, CAD Plans, Local Authority Liaison, Site Design, Supplier Procurement, Budgeting, Logistics and Health & Safety.

In the 21st Century TAO Productions recognises and acknowledges it's responsibility to social, environmental and economic sustainability throughout the life cycle of the event from concept, through implementation to final evaluation.

TAO Productions' sustainability policy is part of it's wider commitment to occupational health, safety and environmental management; where possible TAO manages it's events in compliance with ISO 20121.

TAO Productions will also manage all your artists requirements from removing the "Blue Smarties" to providing the very much needed "SB218 Subs"

TAO Productions is proud to production manage The Eden Sessions in Cornwall, which over the years has seen artists including Kylie Minogue, Skrillex, Duran Duran, Sir Elton John, Eddie Izzard, Liam Gallagher, Lionel Richie, The Stereophonics, The Pixies and many more.

For more information on TAO's award winning production management services please don't hesitate to contact us, with twenty years at the top of the production world, TAO's personnel have the experience, qualifications and will to make your event a success

The services of one of an award winning production management company could be more cost effective than you think. Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your requirements.